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Perfect Products for the Hospitality Industry

Product Information

We understand that customer satisfaction is key. While we are not in the business of hospitality, we do provide products to many sectors of the industry and think we have a good idea of what products can best suit your business and help give your customers the ultimate satisfaction.

Food and Beverage Sector


Inside breweries and wineries, customers can get up close personal with products. To prevent customers from going where they shouldn’t, it’s best to create barriers and our selection of gates can help control customer traffic. Our Protector Expanding gates are lightweight, durable, and collapse easily for quick storage.

Hospitality Industry

Acoustic Panels

In a confined space with lots of people, it’s bound to get noisy. We can help dampen sound in your restaurant or brewery with our acoustic panels. We offer a wide variety of wall mounted and hanging panels that can easily subtly fit into your space.

Hospitality Industry

Travel and Tourism Sector

Custom Printed Room Divider 360

Our Room Divider 360 not only provides excellent space division, it can also be custom printed to anything you desire. Perfect for travel agencies or adventure companies who want to showcase what they can offer in a larger and more effective way.

Hospitality Industry


Our MP10 Partition is lightweight, durable and extremely easy to set up and store. It’s a great option for airports who are looking to create privacy and space division, but don’t want to deal with heavy partitions.

Hospitality Industry

Accommodation Sector


Create cozy sound dampened corners in your bed and breakfast or Airbnb with our VersiPanel. This acoustical wall divider is excellent at quieting any space. It comes in “quiet” colors of blue, gray and beige to further its sound control and subtle offerings.

Hospitality Industry

Coat Rack

Are you dealing with an overflow of guest coats during winter and the holiday season? Get our Coat Rack! It’s portable and collapsible so you can move it anywhere you need within your hotel and fold it up for easy storage when you’re done.

Hospitality Industry

Recreation Sector

Polycarbonate Room Divider 360

Contain lines and overflow in an arena or stadium with our polycarbonate version of our Room Divider 360. It offers a level of privacy and flexibility, and it is easily washable. During open events, concession stands can now be easily separated from each other, creating an inviting space to purchase food without the crush of the crowds.

Hospitality Industry

Room Divider 360

No list is complete without our Room Divider 360 which is perfect for many large and busy spaces like museums! It’s easy to create walls with the Room Divider 360 and display whatever you need on them.

Hospitality Industry

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