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Versare Provides Products for all Industries

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It’s not all offices and schools. Did you know that we have helped all types of industries divide and create space at their facilities? From museums to airports, we’ve helped them all with great success.

The USS Midway Museum needed to enclose their new VR Experience space. They came to Versare for help and found the perfect solution. Check out this blog to find out what it was.

versare museum

Awaken Community of St. Paul, Minnesota came to Versare looking to create separate classrooms in their church’s basement. Learn how Versare helped find the perfect piece in this blog.

versare church

Every day the DC Metro system serves thousands of people. They needed some help with crowd control and turned to Versare. And yes, we helped them out!

versare metro

Cape Liberty Cruise Port needed to separate passengers at security checkpoints. They came to Versare and found the perfect – and visually pleasing – solution.

versare cruise

We’ve done it all and continue to do. Don’t hesitate to contact us for whatever space needs you have! Learn more about all of our products on the Shop page of our website and check out our social media for more customer testimonials and stories.

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