•  SoundSorb StraightWall Sliding Portable Partition

    SoundSorb StraightWall Sliding Portable Partition

      ACOUSTIC ROOM DIVIDER Our acoustical partition panels provide enhanced sound-dampening and acoustics control.  FULL-SIZED PANEL END UNITS Our partitions feature full-sized end units, providing enhanced stability in all configurations...

    $2,530.00 - $4,312.50 (Inc. GST)
    $2,200.00 - $3,750.00 (Ex. GST)
  • Sale
     VersiPanel Acoustical Partition Wall

    VersiPanel Acoustical Partition Wall

      ACOUSTICAL RIBBED FABRIC Durable, stain-resistant fabric providing great sound absorption. MAGNETIC CONNECTOR Unit-to-unit connectors features powerful 20 lbs. rare-earth magnets for ability to connect multiple panels. EASY...

    $1,351.25 (Inc. GST)
    $1,175.00 (Ex. GST)
  •  SoundSorb Freestanding Panel

    SoundSorb Freestanding Panel

      NO VOCs This recycled material is solvent free and has no VOCs.   50% RECYCLED Our special acoustical blend is at least 50% post-consumer recycled material. LIGHTWEIGHT Ultra-light-Weight making it easy to assemble and take down...

    $803.85 - $1,385.75 (Inc. GST)
    $699.00 - $1,205.00 (Ex. GST)

Reduce noise and separate space with freestanding acoustic panels from Versare. Lightweight and portable, SoundSorb™ freestanding soundproof panels create an eco-friendly acoustic partition that folds flat to store.

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