We help you create flexible space. We are Aotearoa's trusted flexible space partner!



We are Aotearoa's flexible space manufacturer and consultation experts, based in Auckland & trusted by Kiwis.  

We build and sell superior quality room dividers, cubicle partitions, sound panels and privacy screens made to last and available for rapid dispatch NZ wide. We are the official manufacturer / distributor of the range for New Zealand. Our products are authentic and made to license using high quality parts.  Why wait for inferior offshore suppliers when you have a local partner right here in NZ. 


The team operates from our Auckland warehouse.  We are down to earth, collaborative and enjoy what we do, taking great pride in our end product. With a background in manufacturing, custom made displays and technical products we ensure our clients receive the best product solution in the market place. We are responsive, whether on the shop floor, meeting a deadline or responding to an enquiry.


Versare New Zealand provides solutions that create flexible space anywhere. We cover a wide range of industry segments, from a divider wall in a small house, moveable cubicles in offices and warehouses or way finding in a museum. Our key strength is we listen to your needs, understanding your current space predicament. We are your trusted expert, our knowledge is key to establishing a solution each and every time where practical. 

We’re not here to sell you any old product, we’re helping you craft the ability to use your space as you need it and change it whenever and however you want. If we’ve learned anything in the last few years, it’s that our spaces whether in homes, classrooms, offices, warehouses, medical facilities, pretty much everywhere, need to adapt to us, not the other way around. We’re determined to help our customers achieve maximum results from the spaces they use every day. 


Don't settle for inferior offshore products. Our patented Room Dividers are easy to move, store when not needed, importantly they are the safest in the market, our full sized end panels avoid trip hazards & discourage climbing, the frame itself wont pinch or scratch when being used. Set-up flexibility needn't be a hassle either as all products are weight conscious for ease of use, they won't disrupt others whilst being set-up as they are smooth, quiet, well engineered products.


We've earned the trust of Kiwi's year on year, we listen, collaborate and identify the best solution we can offer. Even when our clients are unsure we go the extra mile to ensure a decision is certain, that could be a combination of seeing working samples, onsite testing or advice. Ensuring the best outcome is key to ensuring many years of satisfied use.  


We cover the whole of Aotearoa ensuring you have a reliable yet rapid service.  From the moment your order leaves our factory floor you can be assured of a hassle free service. 


Need to refresh your Versare room divider or partition to tie in with a new brand refresh or interior design overhaul, why not give us a call?  Product servicing is a worthwhile option ensuring your product lasts for many years, we have a specialist in-house team to suit your needs, whether you need a new part or a new configuration.  


The team are tidy kiwis, we take having a clean environment seriously ensuring sustainability is key, our components from parts, framing, panels and packaging are recyclable. Our SoundSorb panels are partly recycled additionally.  


  • Acoustic Panels: Our panels are designed to effectively absorb and diffuse sound waves, creating a more comfortable and productive working environment.

  • Cubicles & Work Stations: Modular systems that allows office planners to design purpose-built layouts and reconfigure the space as needed without incurring additional reconfiguration costs. Typically Installed within a day, they provide a much more convenient solution when compared to traditional fit-out options.

  • Portable Room Dividers NZ: The simplest and most flexible method for dividing a room or creating a new space within it.

  • Wall Mounted Dividers: A cost-effective and speedy alternative to conventional moving walls, offering 75% of the benefits at 25% of the cost.

  • Spray Wipeable Solutions: Allows for businesses in NZ to maintain social distancing by providing a physical barrier during close customer interactions or when crowd control and space division is necessary. 


At the top of our priorities is providing the best possible support to our customers. We also maintain a news section, where we create industry based content and client case studies for the industries we serve. View our industry pages linked here to see real-world examples of our products in use, this is such a good resource.  Our Instagram feed linked here is also a good reference.  Be sure to check out our Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn more about what we do. 

Our partitions are widely utilized and can be found in many different settings. Our clients have utilized our room dividers to create a plethora of spaces, including:

Break-out spaces, Conference rooms, Cubicles for the office, Concealed storage or equipment spaces, Dynamic learning environments, Office work zones, Maintaining social distancing across all industries including retail, venues & airports, Pinboard walls, Portable galleries, Waiting areas, Walls for classroom projects.




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