Hush Modular Office Cubicles

  •  Hush Panel™ Cubicles

    Hush Panel™ Cubicles

      UPHOLSTERED FABRIC Our upholstered fabric helps dampen some sound. TOOLLESS ASSEMBLY Easily assemble and disassemble with a minimally skilled crew. ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION Our frames constructed of extruded aluminium joined with cast...

Easily and affordably customize your office space. Whether you need an individual workstation, small meeting space or entire cubicle grid, Hush Panel Kits let you configure (and reconfigure) your space with a toolless, easy-to-assemble cubicle solution. Numerous material options let you match your decor or create a design esthetic.

Introducing the Versare Hush Panel Cubicles - the perfect solution for open office environments. Our cubicles provide both privacy and sound dampening, making them ideal for workplaces where noise and distractions are a concern. The Hush Panels are easily adjustable, allowing you to adjust the height and position of the panels to fit your specific needs. Our cubicles are also designed for easy installation and reconfiguration, making them perfect for businesses that are constantly evolving. Plus, with a variety of colours and fabrics to choose from, you can easily match the cubicles to your existing office decor. Don't let noise and distractions disrupt your workday. Choose Versare Hush Panel Cubicles and experience a more productive and peaceful work environment. Order yours today! 

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