Modular Floor Tiles

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Flooring for Events, Exhibitions & Commercial Applications

Versare New Zealand's modular flooring is easy to set up and break down, with no tools required. All our modular flooring tiles are waterproof, chemical resistant and easy to clean.

Modular Flooring for Events & Exhibitions

EverDance is fast to install, lightweight, durable and perfect for functions, events, exhibitions of all sizes across New Zealand.  Create impact and maximise return on investment over its lifetime. 

Modular Flooring for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Over the past few years, the demand for modular flooring has steadily increased. There's no mystery to this rise in popularity. Modular tile flooring is easy to install and can be removed quickly. Plus, you can use modular flooring multiple times.

Versare provides various types of modular floor tiles to protect subfloors and provide a solid, durable surface in commercial and industrial settings. Whatever type of modular floors you require, count on Versare to provide the perfect solution for your space.

How Much Modular Flooring Will I Need? 

Measure the length and width of your room and multiply these two measurements — this is the square metres of your space. This number will tell you how much modular flooring area you'll need for your space. Be sure to purchase a few extra tiles. If you need a little help with the math, feel free to contact us.

Install Quality Modular Flooring From Versare

Whatever modular flooring solutions you need, Versare has you covered. Our modular flooring is attractive, tough and reusable, so you can feel confident about installing our versatile modular floors in your office, entertainment venue, warehouse or construction site. Find what you need and place your order today!

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