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Personalize your indoor space or environment with a printed media wall or backdrop. Unique to you or your brand, our portable partitions & movable privacy screens will give you the flexibility to create & define spaces or even direct crowds when and where you need them.  

Are you looking to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your event or promotional space? Versare custom printed room dividers offer a versatile, portable, and customizable solution. Our Room Divider 360 and QuickWall Folding products are ideal for use as media walls, branded backdrops, wayfinding, crowd control, event walls, and exhibition backdrops.

Custom printed room dividers can transform any space into a branded experience, helping to promote your business or organization's visual identity and create a memorable experience for visitors. This is particularly useful for events and promotional spaces where businesses want to leave a lasting impression on attendees.


Our dividers can be used to create media walls that serve as visually striking backdrops for red carpet events, media launches, and other promotional events. By incorporating custom graphics, logos, or messaging onto the divider panels, businesses can create a printed media wall that promotes their brand and enhances their event's messaging or theme.

In addition to branding, our dividers can also be used for wayfinding purposes, helping to direct visitors to specific areas within a space. By printing directional signage or mapping onto the panels, businesses can create a seamless navigation experience that enhances the visitor's overall experience.


Where our solutions differ from basic media walls or event walls is that our printed room dividers can adapt to your space, whether that is an "L, C or zig zag" configuration or more.  Our printed room dividers are multi-purpose, for example use at an event for one week, post show redeploy the printed room divider for use in an semi permanent space such as office space or showroom. Another added benefit is our printed media walls also help dampen sound.   

At Versare, we take pride in delivering high-quality, customizable printed room dividers that meet the needs of our customers. Our custom printed room dividers are an effective way to create a visually appealing backdrop that enhances the overall experience of an event, while also promoting a brand or organization's identity and messaging.

To improve your event or promotional space with NZ built custom printed room dividers, choose Versare. Our products are portable, customizable, and perfect for creating branded experiences, media walls, and wayfinding solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our Room Divider 360 and QuickWall Folding products and take your event to the next level

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