Outdoor Partitions Are Perfect For Spring / Summer

Outdoor Partitions Are Perfect For Spring / Summer

Sep 1st 2020

Our 3 Panel Folding Wicker Outdoor Partition is a great choice for your outdoor space dividing needs and now available in NZ!

The Wicker Outdoor Partition is the perfect backyard privacy screen for your deck, patio, garden or hot tub area. Lightweight and easily transportable, this wicker partition not only adds elegance to your outdoor area, but also lends greater versatility to creating different arrangements. This wicker privacy screen is durable and will outlast the elements. The Wicker Outdoor Partition consists of a densely-woven wicker inner panel. This backyard divider is perfect for providing outdoor privacy in deck areas, and a good addition to conceal unsightly mechanical objects (like pool pumps or trash bins) in landscape projects.

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