10 Ways to Create Social Distance With Room Dividers

Nov 16th 2020

10 Ways to Create Social Distance With Room Dividers

With COVID-19 rates continuing to rise across the globe, finding ways to slow the spread of infection is a vital part of keeping our businesses open throughout the pandemic. Social distancing is one of the most important ways to slow the spread in public places, and portable room dividers can help.

From office buildings, schools, and daycare centres to retail stores, restaurants, and even hospitals, room dividers offer an easy way to create separation and distance in any space. Here are 10 ways to create social distance with Versare’s lightweight, portable room dividers.

In the Office

As open office layouts have increased in popularity over the years, many offices are now struggling to create separation in their large, open spaces. Here are three ways that room dividers and desktop partitions can help:

  1. Set up pop-up meeting rooms. Separate large spaces into smaller compartments for additional meeting rooms or waiting areas. This could come in handy for small group meetings or for keeping waiting customers separated and safe. Our Work Station Screens would be the perfect fit for this solution.
  2. Create cubicles or add dividers to existing workspaces to form a physical barrier that helps reduce the spread of infectious respiratory droplets from a sneeze or cough. Our cubicle kits or our individual room dividers could be used to add cubicles to your space.
  3. Desktop separation for safety, plus the additional bonus of sound absorption! If you don’t have room for a full cubicle setup, try using desktop partitions to create separation between workspaces.

In Schools or Daycares

Creating social distance in schools and daycares poses an even greater challenge than in office spaces. But maintaining the safety of students, teachers, and staff is vital if schools are to remain open to in-person instruction. Here are a few ways to help create distance in schools:

  1. Create separation in the cafeteria, library, or other large area using room dividers. Dividing these large spaces into smaller areas can help keep students separated into their class groups. Our Room Divider 360Ⓡ is an ideal fit for this use.
  2. Divide larger classrooms into multiple work areas or provide for smaller class sizes by creating additional classrooms in larger spaces like gyms, cafeterias, or auditoriums. Try our Room Divider 360Ⓡ or our Medi- Sliding QuickWall for this purpose.
  3. Direct traffic flow and create separation in large foyers/hallways. Set up portable room dividers during high traffic times to help keep crowd sizes down. Our Medi StraightWall is the ideal solution, as its is easy to set up and take down for temporary use.
  4. Create separation in the office to protect school staff, using any of our partitions to separate workstations and adding clear Countertop Screens to reception areas.

In Retail Stores, Restaurants, and Other Settings

In addition to offices and schools, room dividers can be used in many other places, from retail stores and restaurants to hospitals and pharmacies. Here are a few ideas for those spaces:

  1. Divide restaurant tables or booths. Setting up clear dividers between tables or booths in restaurants can keep diners from getting too close and help contain respiratory droplets. Try our social distancing barriers range.
  2. Set up sneeze guards at registers in retail stores or pharmacies, or at restaurant host stands, doctor’s office registration desks, auto dealer reception desks, and so on. Our Sneeze Guards are perfect for this use.

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