Creating a Homeschool Classroom Setup

Feb 16th 2021

Creating a Homeschool Classroom Setup

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8 of the Best Homeschool Setup Ideas

The COVID-19 outbreak has radically altered how many families deal with education. With mandatory lockdown orders and school closings currently in Auckland., families must adjust to a new norm of home schooling. With the growth of the home school movement, this is an issue that goes beyond the current pandemic. The strategies and philosophies used now will inform home schooling for decades.

Since home schooling is here to stay (at least for the near future), you, as a parent, will want to investigate various ways to create a home school room setup. What furniture do you need? How do you monitor the space? How do you create a space where kids can learn in a fun manner? How do you account for pets? We’ve created a how-to guide so that you can make the best learning environment for your children.

Creating The Home schooling Space

Overall, your home school space should fill a few criteria if you can accommodate them. It should:

  • Be its own discrete space.
  • Be off the track of your home’s regular traffic.
  • Be large enough to accommodate your kids.
  • Stay clean and organized, free from the clutter of the rest of the house.

Everyone has a different living situation, but you should keep this room separate from your kids’ homework space if possible. And if the room must serve double duty, you should be able to easily convert it from a classroom to your other space (whether that is a den, playroom, or office.)

We’ll be exploring several home school set up ideas that can help you and your family make home education fun, convenient, and effective. Check out these home school room ideas; we think you will love them.

  • Light and Airy

A space that lets in light and feels spacious makes learning easier. When creating your home schooling space, it’s a good idea to paint in neutral pastels (easy-to-clean paint is even better!) Colours that are too bright and saturated can be distracting, but that doesn’t mean your space has to be drab. You’ll want a colour palette that reflects light and creates cheer in your home school set up.

  • A Home Library

This is one of our favourite ideas for home school rooms because books are great! A curated library can include the instructional materials you will use for teaching, as well as books, comics, and other literature that you want your kids to read. Encouraging independent reading promotes life-long learning, and having a library of favourite books available is great for story time. A set of shelves or a cabinet can make for a great library fixture.

  • Themes Geared Towards Interests

Is your kid into dinosaurs? Astronomy? Flora and fauna? Depending on your kids’ ages and interests, posters, cut outs, and models of insects, dinosaurs, flowers, or the solar system can be entertaining and educational.

  • Named Spaces

In your home school classroom setup, organization is key. Sectioning off certain areas around the room and naming them can help you stay organized while adding a little bit of fun to your routine. If you have more than one kid, you could create a named space for each child. Or, if you only have one kid, you could name areas based on school subjects or interests. Have fun and get creative with it!

This system instils a sense of ownership and responsibility in your child. Additionally, it makes it easier to keep spaces clean and organized, teaching your young students the importance of maintaining a productive work environment.

  • Colour Coordination

Integrating colours into aspects of your kid’s home school room can be an excellent method to inspire learning. Teachers have always used colours in classroom settings: primary colour names were taught during preschool. Kids love bright colours, so that you can use them as a tool in conjunction with word and number concepts.

Another way to use colours is by matching them with different subjects (for example, blue for math, red for English studies and writing, etc.)

  • Make It Montessori

One of the most innovative home school classroom ideas on our list, the Montessori method is an educational doctrine that promotes learning by doing. In the Montessori model, kids are encouraged to explore their environment and learn on their own. They choose their interests and play with toys and objects that are created from natural materials. This teaching style is excellent for classes of mixed ages, so if you have multiple kids to home school, you may want to look into it.

In a home school setting, the Montessori method offers several advantages, including the ability to customize the curriculum. Additionally, the teacher acts as a facilitator rather than a lecturer, lessening parents’ pressure to convey exact information.

So how can you integrate the Montessori method into your home school space? You could decorate the room with objects that encourage exploration and experimentation. Tactile puzzles, letters, and math games are part of this concept.

  • Posters Everywhere

Cover the walls with posters of concepts, facts, history, and art! You can achieve this fun style by hanging store-bought posters, or you and your kids can create posters as a group project.

  • Ultimate Organization: Tables, Drawers, and Shelves

When considering home school desk ideas, it’s wise to sketch out a floor plan and assign each of your young students their own desks and storage. The best home school room ideas for small spaces have a system of organization: separate areas for group play, book work, and supply and personal item storage. This is especially important if your home school space serves double duty at night as a home office or den.

When you design this space, make sure the desks and drawers help you transition this space from classroom to den. They should be a tool rather than a source of clutter.

Meeting the Home schooling Challenge: Versare Has Your Answers

Versare’s space solution can help you create the ideal home schooling area that serves your family’s needs. We can help you design the perfect space to inspire learning, from sliding room dividers to partition walls. Do you have questions about home school set up ideas and home office space solutions? Contact us.

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