DIY Options for The Home Office or Workplace

Aug 5th 2021

DIY Options for The Home Office or Workplace

Versare partitions have long been a favorite with the DIY community, and for good reason. Our portable, lightweight partitions make it easy to create separation and improve acoustics in any space. Versare has a multitude of products that can help you build an effective workspace at home or at the office. Let’s look at a few of our favorite ways to use our products to DIY your company or home office.

DIY Work Stations

While the open office concept has been at the forefront of office design for a number of years, that trend is shifting. Many companies are finding that a lack of privacy in the workplace leads to reduced concentration, creativity, and productivity, not to mention the potential for reduced security. Creating separation with Work Station Screens can promote better focus and productivity, and in the COVID-19 era, it can also help provide health protection for your employees.

If you have open office space that you would like to transform into multiple work areas, Versare’s DIY Work Station Screens are the perfect fit. Choose from a variety of  sizes and colours to create a custom cubicle setup that suits your office space and design. Easy to deploy, with no tools needed for setup, this system can be quickly configured. Create workstations or call centres in just minutes! Integrate cubicles quickly and easily within your office space, and add on as your needs change to grow with your team.

DIY Home Office

At home, it’s easy to create a personalized work or study area using our line of partitions and room dividers. You can use our Work Station Screens in the same way you would at the office. Or, try these other versatile Versare products.

  • Desktop Privacy Panels. Try our SoundSorb Desktop Privacy Panels for quick table top separation. These products are ideal if you have multiple household members working or schooling from home. Create separate workspaces that improve focus and concentration right on the dining room table.
  • Economical Room Dividers. Perfect for the budget-conscious household, our line of economical room dividers offer quick separation at an affordable price.
  • The Versi-Range is a great alternative to wall mounting or desktop arrangements, offering coverage from the ground up, ideal for sound dampening and creating privacy, they also add a decorative touch to any work space. 

Being surrounded by family members, pets, and household projects that are begging to be done can make it hard to stay productive when you’re working at home.  Versare’s products can help you create a home workspace that allows you to stay focused and productive all day long.

DIY Acoustic Improvement - Home or Office

In addition to providing quick separation, many of Versare’s room dividers and partitions offer superior acoustic capabilities as well. This is a simple way to block out noise distraction and enhance focus at home or the office. We also offer a variety of acoustic panels to control noise, including:

  • Cut down on room echo and enhance employee concentration with Wall-Mounted SoundSorb Acoustic Panels. Available in an array of shapes and sizes, you can control excess room noise while creating a visually-appealing design on your wall.  These effective and lightweight panels add an attractive, modern look to any space.
  • As referenced earlier the Versi-Range is a great sound absorber when wall mounting or a larger room divider is not an option.

Excessive office noise can negatively affect us, causing impaired concentration and decreased productivity, as well as a number of health problems such as hearing loss, hypertension, sleep disorders, cardiovascular disease, and more. Controlling acoustics enhances concentration, improves productivity, and helps to reduce the health effects of excess noise. The premium acoustical construction of our products provides enhanced noise control, with multiple colour choices to ensure elegant integration within your home or office space.

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