The Importance of Body Language Awareness in a Socially Distant World

Apr 9th 2020

The Importance of Body Language Awareness in a Socially Distant World

Nonverbal forms of communication, including body language, make up a significant part of how we interact with others. In fact, some experts say up to 70-80% of our communication with one another is nonverbal! While it is always an important component of providing great service to our customers and clients, body language awareness becomes even more crucial as we continue to practice social distancing to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Positive Body Language Improves the Customer Experience

Body language includes expressions such as hand gestures, eye contact, nodding or shaking the head, facial expressions, posture, and physical closeness. Interactions with customers are more limited right now, making some forms of body language off-limits, like physical closeness and hand shaking. But other expressions of body language remain effective ways to convey our interest in our customers, and it is important that we understand and use these expressions well. Let’s look at some common forms of body language and how they affect the customer experience.

  • Smiling sends a positive message and makes you more approachable (even if you’re wearing a face mask - a genuine smile shows up in the eyes!). Combined with good eye contact, a genuine smile can go a long way to making customers feel welcomed and listened to.
  • Eye contact builds trust with customers, as it shows that you are paying close attention to them and are interested in what they have to say.
  • An open posture shows that you are welcoming and receptive. Make sure to sit or stand up straight, face the customer directly and don’t cross your arms.
  • Hand gestures using open palms signal that you are open and receptive. Be careful not to be too fidgety though, as that can come off as impatience.
  • Nodding or shaking your head conveys that you are listening and in agreement with the customer.

As you can see, appropriate body language helps create an engaging and positive experience for customers, even when we can’t be in close proximity to them. And with the stresses and fears of the current pandemic, making customers feel welcomed and at ease is a crucial part of serving them well.

Our Solution

That’s why we created our new product, the Countertop Screen. This clear acrylic screen provides a layer of protection and assurance for both you and the customer, while allowing you to continue interacting effectively with them.

The Countertop Screen is ideal for employees working at essential businesses that remain open during this critical time, including pharmacies, healthcare facilities, grocers, gas stations/convenience stores, title companies, and auto dealerships. And when the stay-at-home orders end and more businesses begin to open again, this screen will be a vital tool as we continue social distancing practices.

The above image is from a Stewart Title Office in Minnesota who is using our countertop screens to help employees & customers feel safer!

As you navigate this crisis, make sure to keep engaging with your customers using positive body language. In this new socially distant world, these seemingly small things can make a big difference in the customer experience.

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