​Why Flexible Open Office Furniture is Vital for Growing Companies

Feb 20th 2020

​Why Flexible Open Office Furniture is Vital for Growing Companies

As a growing company, the office you will need in a few years may be significantly different than the one you need right now. An open office setup with furniture that can adapt to your changing needs will allow you to stay in the same space longer, saving you the time, energy, and money involved in moving offices. Let’s take a look at a few ways flexible office furniture can be vital to the success of your growing company.


Creating an office that can change with your growing business can save you a significant amount of money over the years. With fewer private offices and more common areas, the materials needed to build an open office can be 20% less expensive than for a traditional office space. Add in furniture that can adapt with your changing needs, and you’ll have an office that will grow with you and save you money along the way.


You will likely need to reconfigure your space regularly as you grow and your needs change. Items like movable room dividers and partitions can give you endless options and allow you to rearrange your space with minimal down time.


One of the downfalls of open office design is a lack of privacy. Without the walls of a traditional office space, employees can feel like their work is on display for all to see. Utilizing tools like movable workstation privacy screens and desktop privacy panels can increase privacy without building permanent walls. Plus, you can maintain the flow of communication among co-workers that an open office provides.

Multitasking Workstations

Along with the needs of the company, individual employee work styles and needs vary widely as well. With portable partitions, you can offer different types of spaces for different types of work, and make changes as needs arise.

On a similar note, workplace design can have an impact on an employee’s decision to stick around for the long term. Using flexible office furniture like movable partitions and privacy panels allows you to create a dynamic workspace that employees want to work in. Flexibility in your space can help keep employees motivated and engaged in their work.

If you are a growing company, having flexible open office furniture will be a vital component of your growth. We’d love to help you create a space that will evolve with you - contact us today for the best solutions for your changing needs.

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