Creating Adaptable Spaces with Room Dividers to Support Productivity

Nov 25th 2022

Creating Adaptable Spaces with Room Dividers to Support Productivity

Flexi-working is now a main stayer for many of us, across multiple industries, as the work-from-anywhere economy has firmly cemented itself deep into our everyday lives. On our shores, 67% of Kiwis responding in Otago University’s Remote Working Survey, indicated they preferred a mix of working remotely a few times a week, and across the globe, 42% of the US labour force now works from home full-time, reports Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom in his article, Stanford Research Provides a Snapshot of a New Working-from-home Economy. With greater go-between work and home, comes a need to recreate the spaces we’re working from – adaptable spaces, that flex to meet our changing needs and extend beyond a makeshift mentality. And, room dividers and workplace portable partitions are answering the call.

Room dividers to strengthen performance

The increasing permanence of hybrid working environments demands more than a spot at the end of the dining table or a wall at the back of the workshop to truly nurture performance. By shifting the spatial design, creating division of spaces at the workplace and on the home front, you improve both productivity and wellbeing. Think . . . 

  • Portable office partitions to segment work and meeting areas – promoting greater efficiency for individuals and support for team collaboration. 
  • Room dividers, booths and indoor privacy screens, to zone off areas in larger warehouses or in the lounge and dining, to support concentration and reduce travelling sound. 
  • Portable rooms to answer the call for increased space alongside the workshop or tucked in the backyard.

How to choose a Room Divider Screen solutions with multipurpose, multitasking capabilities

Adaptable spaces are not just relegated to one particular taskforce, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the real need for workspaces that flexed with New Zealand’s everchanging health system. Room divider screens and sliding panels, that could be installed quickly and efficiently, created spaces that pivoted under increasing pressure and met the needs of both healthcare staff and patients – the establishment of immunisation centres across the country hallmarks their effectiveness and value.

Demand for greater flexibility and adaptability industry-wide has prompted greater demand for quality and cost-effective spatial solutions – those that can safely and sturdily slide, stand and support, reconfigure in a beat, in sync with lighting requirements and have health in focus. The Versare StraightWall® Sliding Room Divider is a prime example style and functionality, with each StraightWall panel sliding into series with another to create a wall of any length, with both free-standing and wall-mounted variations available, and panels retrofitted in customisable fabric or polycarbonate, which works to mitigate light issues and is easy to wipe and keep clean. And, for ease of storage, the Versare StraightWall® easily contracts to one panel and width – no space lost, instant privacy as and when you need it. 

Quality room dividers close to home

Fortunately, you don’t have to look too far afield to source quality room dividers and panel sliders – or have them installed. Versare are on hand with all room divider and partition solutions, our local production and servicing means you don’t have to wait out lengthy delays. Standard shipping across the North and South Island of New Zealand is free. Reach out to us here.

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