Disaster Relief and Spray Products

Apr 12th 2023

Disaster Relief and Spray Products

The Hawkes Bay floods devastated a landscape and lives. Recovery mode is ongoing, but the people aiding the road to restoration remain resolute. For those health and emergency services working around the clock, there are cost-effective and rapidly deployed products supporting their efforts, like Versare’s privacy screens and Versare’s panel technologies.

Screen of protection

Medical privacy screens are no stranger to emergency situations. When Cyclone Gabrielle forced people onto roofs, cutting off access ways, wiping out roads and amassing debris as far as the eye could see, emergency services on the ground used privacy screens for those air evacuated into Hawkes Bay Airport.

Chris Davies, Versare’s NZ Manager, reached out to Debbie and the Hawkes Bay Airport who were already customers, and donated extra portable screens and partitions to support people and supplies brought into the region.

“Hawke’s Bay Airport has a couple of Privacy Screens for any medical emergencies in the terminal and we used these to provide some privacy for those that had been airlifted off roofs by New Zealand Defence Force and brought to our airport" says Debbie Suisted of Hawkes Bay Airport. "We really appreciated Versare contacting us to offer additional screens to support our response. These were shared with Air Napier who were supporting the emergency response from their hangar. Air Napier had the privilege of supporting several mums flown into Hawke’s Bay from Wairoa to give birth and provided much needed privacy for the new mums when feeding their babies in a very public environment.”

“We were chuffed we could do a little something to directly help all the efforts happening on the ground in the Hawkes Bay.” says Chris “We are proud to be a kiwi business who are based here in NZ and can support other kiwi businesses in times of need, especially where we know our product can really help”.

Discretion and safety

Being New Zealand-based, Versare Privacy Screens NZ and medical room dividers are within reach of doctors, nurses, medics and support personnel countrywide. Helping them to assist those misplaced, provide comfort and treat injuries with discretion.

"Nationwide distribution of Versare products is hassle-free and the lead times are shorter compared to offshore sourcing,” explains Chris Davies. “We recently supplied the amazing team at Hato Hone St John and Event Risk Specialist Team Manager, Glen Hoult, who said “Recent events saw the need for medical privacy screens at short notice, so thank you very much Chris for next day delivery, fantastic service!”

Alongside privacy and discretion, Versare partitions and dividers also serve another important purpose, to minimise the spread of airborne germs and illnesses that disaster-affected areas can harbour. Natural disasters heighten the risk of contamination and the spread of disease. Keeping people separated and safe from environmental hazards becomes paramount, which is why Versare’s polycarbonate panels don’t just deliver spatial solutions, they also help to mitigate airborne germs minimising cross-contamination risks.

Solutions that serve

No matter the setting, airport, school, hospital, halls and public spaces, Versare’s spray wipeable screens and panels are an easy clean solution that can be rapidly deployed, meeting the needs of people and practitioners countrywide, industrywide. When New Zealand’s COVID-19 vaccination plan needed to be efficiently and effectively rolled out, so all Kiwis could safely and securely receive their vaccinations, Versare helped to fit out vaccination centres with healthcare screens. The Medi-Wall Quick-Wall Folding Portable Partitions could be relied upon in a time of immense unease. They were easy for practitioners to move around and pivot due to their light-weight and durable aircraft aluminium frames. The Medi StraightWall Sliding Portable Partitions also gave privacy and stability, allowing practitioners to divide off rooms in an instant, and the option to hang monitors, schedules and records on walls so they were in quick reach. Ensuring vaccination environments upheld strict hygiene standards to protect the vulnerable and prevent the spread of COVID-19 was essential, which is why Versare’s partitions and screens were the perfect fit. They helped mitigate the spread of germs and their polycarbonate construction could easily be wiped down time and time again.

Panelling that delivers across the board

Safe and customisable – Versare’s Spray Wipeable Room Dividers and Medi-Wall Partitions and panels fit to your wants, needs and branding. Made from durable materials, they are easily cleaned and disinfected.

Efficient and reliable – With durability at the fore, Versare’s divider and panel solutions can quickly be deployed in any space. Working to separate people in high-risk areas and protect workers in industrial settings with flame-resistant screen technology.

Cost-effective and malleable – Providing temporary or semi-permanent screen solutions at the drop of the hat. Various products engage 360 degree technology, like the Medi Room Divider 360 Accordion Portable Partition, which pivot and divide in line with peoples’ movements, and control light flow into darker spaces.

Divide and unite

With trusted technologies and solutions in our toolkit, we can better serve ourselves and families, our businesses and communities through the good times and the challenging. To learn more about our room divider, screen and panelling solutions, reach out to our team here.

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