Divide and Conquer Your Office Fit Out

Jun 16th 2023

Divide and Conquer Your Office Fit Out

Versare’s semi-permanent wall solutions a workspace game changer

The only constant is change – and the modern-day office and commercial premise, couldn’t ring truer. Nowadays we’re in tune with the shifting dynamics of a work space, and our office fit outs and commercial fit outs, have had to adapt and flex to our changing wants and needs. No longer restrained to flimsy wall partitions, today’s Operable walls, Hire partitions and semi-permanent solutions, ensure any office fit out and commercial fit out enhance productivity and maximise the wellbeing of employees and staff.

Partition me

So, what is an office fit out? Essentially, it’s focused on making an interior space best suited to those who work within it. A commercial fit out is centred on all the non-structure fixtures and items within a space – think walls, partitions, cabling and so on.

Fit outs need to in-sync with the businesses and organisations they house – there’s not one fit out solution that ticks everyone’s boxes. However, for many an open office approach – a hybrid of private and shared spaces that engage Operable walls, Wall-Mounted Room Dividers or Partition Walls can create privacy and accommodate a range of needs, making them fit-for-purpose.

Many commercial premises find themselves tasked with having to tame large spaces but the cost of permanent wall solutions is expensive and don’t allow the freedom to pivot with operations. A commercial fit out that engages semi-permanent solutions, like Versare’s EverPanel Premium Wall Partition System or Operable Wall™ Folding Room Divider, ensures workers have the spaces to support their productivity.

Quiet and customisable

For workstations that require both quiet and comfort, Versare’s Hush Panel Configurable Cubicle System is a fully customisable tool less construction solution that flexes to any office fit-out or commercial fit-out requirement. You simply slide the number of required panels together to make an instant office cubicle. It reduces noise with its sound-dampening panel technology and can be easily repositioned thanks to its light-weight aluminium construction, but it is durable enough to hang hooks and objects off.

Flex to your fit

Recent workplace trends have seen people moving away from doing the majority of their tasks at one desk or bench, to now venturing across a range of work-related settings that best support their task at hand. Simultaneously, many business operators don’t always own their own spaces, instead renting or leasing offices or commercial premises, and they find themselves cut short trying to work within the bounds of permanent fixtures and walls.

Wall mounted room dividers are the semi-permanent solution that support business owners and staff to maximise their working environments. Be it office fit out or commercial fit out, Versare’s Wall-Mounted Room Divider 360® Folding Partition and Wall Mounted StraightWall Sliding Portable Partition are an affordable, time-savvy alternative to track mounted dividers, and don’t require structural walls to function – which makes landlord sign off simple and straightforward too.

Because businesses operate on their own terms, a movement away from the fixed ‘cookie cutter’ office fit-out solutions of old is essential. By welcoming a range of semi-permanent wall divider and partition systems, staff can perform and engage with greater mobility. Ultimately, an office fit-out and commercial fit-out design maximises the relationship between space and people, providing greater opportunity to achieve goals, and deliver on meaning and purpose.

Reach out to our team here to learn more about Versare’s extensive range of wall-mounted room dividers and partition systems, reach out to our team of fit-out specialists.

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