Modular Acoustic Office Cubicles For Your Workspace

Sep 1st 2023

Modular Acoustic Office Cubicles For Your Workspace

Elevate your office experience with our locally built SoundSorb Acoustic Hush Panels 

Versare New Zealand's range of acoustically rated office cubicles now set the benchmark for office partitions, workstation dividers, and screens built right here in NZ.

Introducing SoundSorb Acoustic Hush Panels - Engineered for peak sound absorption and office tranquility, boasting an impressive acoustic rating of 0.60 NRC.

Discover the versatility of SoundSorb Acoustic Hush Panels, available for both  Pre-Configured Cubicles and Customizable Hush Panel Cubicle Systems. Achieve the perfect blend of functionality and style without compromising on acoustic excellence.

Enhance Office Tranquility with SoundSorb Acoustic Hush Panels

SoundSorb Acoustic Hush Panels take your office environment to the next level, providing unparalleled sound absorption for a serene and focused workspace. With a remarkable acoustic rating of up to 0.60 NRC, these panels redefine tranquility in office cubicles, partitions, and workstation dividers.

Create a Modern Workspace that Works for You

Craft a workspace that leaves a lasting impression in your workplace and boosts employee productivity. Versare's Acoustic Hush Panel Cubicles offer unmatched flexibility, customization, and unique styling options. Our commitment to efficiency makes it a scalable solution, saving costs without compromising on quality.

Easy Assembly, Hassle-Free Configuration

Say goodbye to installation headaches and charges. Our cubicles are designed to be toolless, ensuring a seamless assembly and reconfiguration process. Versare New Zealand empowers you to create flexible, affordable, and modern office spaces effortlessly.

Count on Versare for Your Office Transformation

Position yourself at the forefront of office design trends with Versare. We provide you with the tools to create dynamic, affordable, and modern office spaces that cater to your unique needs.

Start Your Office Transformation Today

Elevate your office experience with our SoundSorb Acoustic Hush Panels for Pre-Configured or Customizable Hush Panel cubicles. Versare - Your Partner in Modern Acoustically Rated Office Cubicles, Workstation Dividers, and Office Partition Walls.

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