Versare products are also available through our partnership with Flexicommercial with lease. Don’t wait to buy - Lease today! 

Flexicommercial has over 40 years of trusted experience and understands the financing needs of New Zealand businesses. Flexicommercial currently works with 3000+ SMEs and 2000+ schools nationwide, offering an additional funding option.

Why Lease?

Leasing is a simple and effective way to get the equipment your business needs now, by enabling you to spread the cost of the asset over its economic life, without tying up your cash flow. Here are some of the key benefits: 

Improve your cashflow

 fc-cashflow-icon.-v1.jpg  Invest your valuable working capital in other areas of your business to fund growth.

Affordable monthly payments

fc-monthly-icon.-v1.jpg  Affordable fixed payment plans tailored to suit your business’ needs

May be up to 100% Tax deductible

fc-tax-icon.-v1.jpg  You may be eligible for tax deductions as lease payments can be treated as an operating expense.

Reduces risk

fc-risk-icon.-v1.jpg  Eliminates obsolescence risk of rapidly depreciating assets.

Fast & easy application process

fc-application-icon.-v1.jpg  Means the equipment can make a difference to your business faster.

Bundle & add

fc-bundle-icon.-v1.jpg  Choose to bundle by adding software, installation and other related upfront costs with your equipment lease all in one agreement.

Protect your equipment

fc-protect-icon.-v1.jpg  Protect your equipment from theft, loss and damage with our equipment Protect option.

You can find out more about Flexicommercial here, work out a quote here or start an application here. For more information you can speak to Rob Heavey at Flexicommercial on +6421384409 or simply get in touch with the Versare team.

1 Tax deductions may apply. See your tax advisor for details. Ability to include soft costs is subject to FlexiGroup's lending and credit criteria.

2 Minimum equipment cost spend of $2500 (ex GST) applies. Subject to FlexiGroup's lending and credit criteria.


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