How to Make Your Cubicle Look Classy - DIY Setup Ideas

Aug 17th 2020

How to Make Your Cubicle Look Classy - DIY Setup Ideas

How to Make Your Cubicle Look Classy

When you work at a desk that doesn't spark your creativity or bring you any joy, you may expect your enthusiasm to drop, along with your productivity. There's no need for office cubicles to look like a sterile, gloomy jail cell. Nothing stops you from adding some chic details to give the entire space a sense of style with a dash of glam. After all, you already spend so much time in there, so why not make it an inviting space?

If you aren't sure how to make your cubicle look classy or where to begin, here are some useful tips:

Fresh Flowers Do Wonders

Fresh blooms will instantly make your cubicle look prettier. They don't last forever, so you should make it a habit to change the flowers every couple of days. A fresh, colorful bouquet is sometimes all a cubicle needs to look and feel more pleasant and inviting. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they also smell amazing and are incredible mood-lifters.

Framed Art For A Fancy Cubicle

The best cubicle setup reflects your personality and provides you with a private corner that helps you maximize your creativity. When you spend so much time at the office, you will need something interesting and inspiring to look at throughout the day. Choose simple, modern frames of various sizes and fill them with art you enjoy. Framed art will provide you with a relaxing visual escape whenever you need it.

Stylish Pegboards

If you wonder how to make your office cubicle better, maybe you should start by adding a pegboard. You can customize it and make it look as glam as you'd like to, or you can keep it simple. No matter how you choose to decorate your pegboard, it will make a fantastic addition to your cubicle. Not only will it give it some extra modern vibes, but it will also help you make great use of the vertical space.

Freestanding Acoustic Panels

Freestanding acoustic panels will help you reduce unwanted noise at the office, but they will also make your working space look modern. Acoustic panels from Versare are designed to provide your office with a splash of modern art while making sure noise levels don't hurt your productivity. You may choose from a variety of color options and customize your panel, so it fits into the overall style of your cubicle.

DIY Cubicle Canopy

If the office policy allows it, make a modern, stylish shield from the aggressive office lighting with a personalized cubicle canopy. All you need is a solid fabric, some magnets, and a dash of creativity. Stick to minimal design and create a cozy workspace where you can add your own choice of lighting – which brings us directly to the next tip:

Let There Be Light

When it comes to electrical light ambiance, nothing beats the warm, welcoming atmosphere that instantly takes over when you turn on a cute lamp. Whether you're into minimalistic designs or you're after a touch of luxury in your workspace, a lamp will enhance the entire atmosphere. Even if the office lights are on and you don't want to add a canopy, the warm lumens of your cubicle light will make an instant change to your cubicle.

Make Some Magic

Why stop at lamps when you can add a bit of magic to your cubicle as well? If the office rules allow it, fairy lights can make a dashing addition to your office or cubicle. You can hang them across cubicle divider panels, or you can put them in a jar and sprinkle some fairy dust all over your daily routine.


If you're one of those people who can't commit to changing fresh flowers every couple of days or to watering plants every day, but you'd still love some living nature in your cubicle, you should consider making a terrarium. Add some pretty stones and succulents (since they don't require much water or light – or attention), and you will instantly make your workspace look fresher and more welcoming.

Print Out Your Photos

When it comes to fancy cubicle door ideas, a simple solution to making your workspace more stylish and more personal is to print out your favorite photos and pin them to a panel attached to the door. You can include your own Instagram photos, or you can browse online image sources to find images you'd love to pin on your cubicle walls.

Add A Fancy Desktop Privacy Panel

Quite often, we need more privacy at the office. If you wonder how to make a door for your cubicle that looks classy, but still stays within office regulations, investing in a fancy desktop privacy panel may be the best choice. Desktop privacy panels provide you with both visual and acoustical privacy, and they add a remarkable visual enhancement to your cubicle.

Working full-time in an office means spending 40+ hours at your desk every week. People often invest a lot of creativity in decorating ideas for their home, but keep coming back to a boring, dull cubicle view at work. Now that you know how to make your cubicle look classy without spending a fortune or getting into arguments with office management, all you need to do is discover which solution works best for your cubicle. Contact us if you want to learn more about styling your office cubicle, or shop our selection of office gear now!

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