Acoustic Panels For Your Place

Feb 7th 2023

Acoustic Panels For Your Place

Sound divisions to strengthen productivity

The workplace and work-from-home space are no strangers to noise: conversations, keyboards tapping, cell phones buzzing and ringing, and surfaces interacting; spaces are a melting pot of sound.

Collaboration is key for many businesses and their people, so rather than putting up walls to simply block out noise, it’s about engaging acoustic panelling to enhance productivity and spatial design.

Have you got your sounds in order?

Sounds and energy in a space impact us all – mentally, emotionally, even the physiological, like breathing. But not all sound is counterproductive.

In fact, for many people blocking all sound in a space, be it home or office, and particularly one that is open plan, can be detrimental to productivity. If a room is too sound proofed, it can be unnerving and intimidating speaking to a client when you have several people listening in, and can hear every pin drop or newspaper rustle.

Good workplace and home design should be centred on delivering and masking sound in various ways. Which is why Versare acoustic panels are designed to efficiently and effectively absorb and diffuse sound waves, balancing out spaces.

The right sound splash

Sound dampening with Versare’s acoustic panels is both an affordable, durable and safe option for businesses and homes. And, solutions like the VersiPanel Acoustical Partition WallsSoundSorb Freestanding Panels include styles and materials to fit every budget and floor plan.

Being locally based in New Zealand, nationwide distribution of Versare acoustic panelling is hassle-free and the lead times shorter compared to offshore sourcing.

Every space negotiates sound on its own terms, so sound dampening panels should follow suit. Your place may need to:

  • Reduce echo
  • Improve communications
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy, whilst retaining an open-plan feel.

There’s panelling on call for all. There is a panelling solution for every situation.

Find your acoustic panelling fit

Versare’s acoustic panels meet the needs of every space, seamlessly tying in with the look, style and feel of a room, and can even enhance overall design. Here’s how:

Flexibility – Versare’s bestselling acoustic panels like the VersiFold Acoustical Room Divider flex to any interior fitout, brand identity or workstyle, reflecting sound by absorbing noise and reducing echoes and reverberations.

Functionality – Versare’s SoundSorb Room Divider 360 answer the call for enhanced functionality in spaces. Panels are 0.60 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rated, and pivot to changing spatial needs. Whatever the configuration of the day, SoundSorb rotates and flexes thanks to its 360degree hinge capabilities.

Create your space . . .

Prioritising greater privacy or collaboration, and accommodating all work styles is essential to productivity for the long run. Versare’s acoustic panelling, wall-mounted room dividers and partitions meet the needs of New Zealand homes and businesses nationwide.

See the our Best Selling Range here or reach out to our team to learn more about out acoustic solutions.

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