Revolutionizing Community Spaces: K'aute Pasifika's Groundbreaking Village Transformed with Versare's Innovative SoundSorb Room Divider 360

Dec 20th 2023

Revolutionizing Community Spaces: K'aute Pasifika's Groundbreaking Village Transformed with Versare's Innovative SoundSorb Room Divider 360

In a groundbreaking moment for the Pacific community, K'aute Pasifika Unveils Revolutionary Village in Waikato.

In a recent milestone, K'aute Pasifika, a leading Pacific Island community trust based in Waikato, unveiled their revolutionary Village. This extraordinary leap forward comes after years of dedicated advocacy and planning, standing as a testament to the visibility, voice, and value of the Pacific community.

Innovative Acoustic Solution: 

Versare New Zealand's Role in Village Development

Challenges such as polished concrete floors and timber ceilings did not help acoustics, causing dilemma.. Recognizing the need for an innovative solution, K'aute Pasifika strategically collaborated with Versare New Zealand. This collaboration proved instrumental in addressing challenges and yielding significant cost savings.

Efficiency and Versatility: 

SoundSorb Room Divider 360's Impact on Pacific Community Village

Versare New Zealand's SoundSorb Room Divider 360 emerged as a transformative solution, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional operable wall and track-mounted systems. With an impressive 0.60 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating, these dividers not only improved acoustics but also saved on installation costs.

Seamless Integration: 

How Room Divider 360 Enhances Functionality Without Structural Changes

Unlike traditional systems requiring extensive modifications, including operable walls and track-mounted systems, the Room Divider 360 seamlessly integrated into the Village without impacting its structural design.

Versare's SoundSorb Room Divider 360: 

A Space Saving Solution

Furthermore, the dividers showcase versatility beyond functionality. Measuring 7.6 meters in width and 2.3 meters in height, the SoundSorb Room Divider 360 covers substantial areas within the Village. Notably, it is practical even when not in use, with each unit occupying just over 1 square meter during storage.

Multifunctional Design: 

Room Divider 360's Dual Purpose in the Pacific Village

These dividers serve a dual purpose by enhancing acoustics and optimizing space. Two Room Divider 360 units can cover up to 16 meters in building width, closing an area off, with four units spanning up to 32 meters in length, creating rooms within rooms and adapting to diverse community needs.

Local Innovation at its Best: 

Auckland-Built Room Dividers Transforming Community Spaces

The SoundSorb Room Divider 360 units are locally built in Auckland, New Zealand, in under 7 working days, ensuring rapid delivery compared to imported track-mounted systems. These room dividers also stand out for not requiring costly permits, offering a hassle-free and efficient alternative to traditional wall panel systems. Crucially they are backed by a 3 year warranty with localised servicing options.

Rapid Delivery, Minimal Hassle: 

Room Divider 360's Advantages Over Imported Systems

K'aute Pasifika's visionary collaboration with Versare New Zealand not only resolves functional challenges but also emphasizes a commitment to cost-effective and practical solutions. The enhanced functionality, cost savings, and space optimization, combined with the ease of storage and minimal impact on the building's architecture, position the Village as a dynamic and versatile epicenter for the community's diverse activities and aspirations.

Dynamic and Versatile: 

K'aute Pasifika Village Redefines Pacific Spaces with Versare's Solution

For Pacific communities seeking innovative solutions for community spaces and acoustics, the K'aute Pasifika Village, with its Room Divider 360, serves as a shining example of successful collaboration and transformative results

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